Inspired by Derek Sivers , this page includes a sample of what I’m thinking about and working on right now. Last updated July 17, 2020.

I always want these updates to be optimistic and uplifting. If you have been reading frequently, though, you will know it isn’t always that way because of how up and down my health has been for the past year. It would seem counter-productive in the face of HIPAA regulations, designed to keep our medical information private, to disclose too much on the internet. However, I will say that I received a diagnosis from testing I did a few weeks ago (one of many tests I have done). The good news is knowing what is going on. However, this is something that can be difficult to treat and can hang around or come back. While going through treatment, I’ve continued to be subject to ups and downs. It is early days yet, so I’m trying to maintain my optimism. I continue to ask for your prayers of healing.

We are still in Covidtide here in NC and we are enrolling our kids in remote schooling for the next year. Not much is changing on the virus front. Life feels like it is a long way from normal. Politics, if they’ve changed, are only getting worse. Our government is run by people who plainly don’t know what they are doing and who trade, above all else, in conspiracy theories, lies and criminality.

🎮 For relaxation, I’ve been playing Skate City on Apple Arcade. Like Alto’s Adventure, from the same game developer, Snowman, Skate City has a meditative aspect to it. This is especially true when you are playing free skate and not trying to achieve anything. With my history of skateboarding, I get a bit more satisfaction out of this game than I do the Alto’s games, and I understand it more.

📚 My new reading material is Bring Up The Bodies by Hilary Mantel. It’s the sequel to Wolf Hall and again follow Thomas Cromwell. Mantel is an amazing writer and it’s going to be interesting to see how Cromwell makes the compromises he does and how he rationalizes them. One of my favorite excerpts from the beginning of the book: “Sometime before noon, clouds scudded in from the west and rain fell in big scented drops; but the sun re-emerged with a scorching heat, and now the sky is so clear you can see into Heaven and spy on what the saints are doing.”

We’re forecast for nothing but thunderstorms every day for the next 7, so we won’t be spying on the saints in Heaven. Which is a shame, because we could use their example.

Robert Rackley @frostedechoes
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