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Unfortunately, it has been another couple of weeks in the U.S. with more gun violence and tragedy than any society should have to endure. Racial minorities and children as targets feel like they only make the already tragic that much more so. My own teenage son was crying with rage when expressing his anger about the events. He’s furious, and he has every right to be. When will it end?

I’ve been happy to donate to Mom’s Demand Action/Everytown in the past, but I don’t see that’s made any difference. My wife has attended their meetings, which are clandestinely held in secret at our church, and their platform borrows from what the NRA espoused in the early 80s. Any reasonable person would agree to these common-sense gun restrictions, but we have a country that seems neither populated by, nor run by, reasonable people. I republished a piece I had written on Medium back in 2015 about those who shamelessly call for “thoughts and prayers” but then do nothing in their power to stop the violence. I wish the piece could be relegated to the dustbin of history, but it remains vividly and shockingly evergreen.

For my part, I had another crash from post-exertional malaise (the second in the last 4 weeks). I swam at the pool last Friday and then worked on Saturday and just overspent my meager resource reservoir. I’m paying it back this week with a fatigue so strong that I can’t exercise, and I am having trouble just keeping to getting the basic stuff done. Next week, though, I only work on Tuesday because of the Memorial Day holiday and my wife and I are celebrating our 20th anniversary.

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