Inspired by Derek Sivers , this page includes a sample of what I’m thinking about and working on right now. Last updated November 1, 2020.

November is upon us, and with it, the hopes for change. I write this close to an election that many people have a reasonable belief could significantly impact where this country is headed in the future. It is a time when many are on tinter hooks, waiting for the outcome that they hope will show we can unite as a nation, rather than continuing down a course that inevitably leads to division and conflict.

I write this as someone waiting with equal hope and expectation for a positive outcome with regards to health concerns that I have been living with for almost 2 years now. I go to see a naturopath next week, who specializes in my condition and who is very into what she does. It’s hard to believe she has time for everything with the plethora of YouTube videos, a new podcast and seeing patients who are not just local, but remote from around the world. Clearly, gut health is her passion and I hope to be a beneficiary of her quest to better understand the microbiome and to help people through that knowledge.

We just passed a very different Halloween than all those that I have previously experienced in my lifetime. No one in our house dressed up, no one went door to door looking for treats and we didn’t hand out candy to expectant kids and indifferent teenagers. It didn’t seem like a good value proposition to trade exposure to a deadly virus for some candy that can be easily acquired at the Target across the street. Halloween is a big thing in our neighborhood, though, so a number of people took the opportunity to celebrate in traditional, if slightly modified (tables setup in driveways with individual bags of candy), holiday style. In our house, we watched a delightful spaghetti western show called The Mandalorian and the horror fans followed that with the classic, Poltergeist.

After Halloween, in our Christian tradition, we observe All Saints Day and remember those who have passed on. It’s a good way of considering we are just pilgrims here and giving thanks for the people who have shaped our pilgrimage. I hope that we can take some time to reflect on those that have impacted our faith formation and the way we live our lives.

We just finished a deck renovation that I’ve been trying to do for years. I’ve always wanted to string lights across the deck and have seating where we could go out and have conversations, read books and enjoy the outdoors for significant periods of time. With our old, about to rot deck, it just wasn’t an option. This has to substitute for traveling to places where time spent outdoors is a given, at least for now.

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