Inspired by Derek Sivers , this page includes a sample of what I’m thinking about and working on right now. Last updated September 2, 2019.

This continues to be a bit of a tough year, with respect to my health. That always slows down the pace of things and somewhat limits what can be accomplished. Sometimes, you just need rest after your necessary tasks are performed, though. More and more I come to appreciate the Sabbath as a gift that God gave to people to enjoy the fruits of their labors.

I’m also identifying very closely with this passage, from Philip Christman’s newsletter, The Tourist.

Recently someone asked me where I wanted my career to go from here, what else I wanted to do. I think people who come from a working-class background struggle with this question because we learn to live reactively: we see life as something to be survived through, not conquered with a plan. Then again, maybe everybody struggles to answer it because it’s kind of a stupid question. It assumes that a person’s goals and fantasies will revolve around their career, or that many people don’t live in the hourly expectation of apocalyptic change. It ignores the commonsense advice of the Epistle of James, that you shouldn’t say “Tomorrow I’ll do such and such,” but “Tomorrow, God willing, if *a whole lot of contingencies break this way and not any of a billion other ways,*I’ll do such and such.”

📚 For reading material, I’ve got Into Africa by Martin Dugard, which primarily focuses on Livingstone and Stanley exploring the African continent in search for the source of the Nile river. Issues of the subsequent impact of colonialism are not dodged, but the book focuses heavily on the two men, their drive, and the psychology at work in those who risk and endure almost anything in pursuit of a quest. It’s inspiration for when things seem to be a little more difficult than usual.

The end of the summer should bring in a pleasant fall here in NC, but we are starting it off with a watch for Hurricane Dorian. When things improve on the health front, I need to get our deck redone, with boards replaced, new stain and some lattice for a bit of privacy. I’m trying to determine if we can use a composite material instead of wood for easy maintenance and I have to checkout the options that are available and what is allowed by our HOA. Once we’ve done the deck, I’ll consult with a local commercial and residential awning company for a retractable awning. For over 10 years, I’ve had a set of lights that I would like to hang as a night time ambience setter for dining out on the deck. The new setup should allow for that.

This rainbow after a recent almost-rain seemed to put a fitting end to the summer just before Labor Day.


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