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People tend to think of Morrissey as an overwrought melancholic (and not without some reason). I’ve seen multiple late-night talk show hosts and comedians poke fun at his persona, satirizing the sadness of his music. It’s not all rainy days and Mondays in Morrissey’s catalog, though. “Now My Heart Is Full” represents a period in his life where the Mozzer actually became content. He had moved to the sunshine of L.A. and away from the gray skies of London. Life was bright, settled and even domestic.

Some of the lines in the song still sound comically morose.1 As the chorus of “now my heart is full” bears witness, though, the overall message of the song is one of hope. It contains the sentiment of a gentle satisfaction in the midst of the little indignities of life.

Take that, Jimmy Kimmel.

Morrissey - Now My Heart Is Full (live in 2015)

  1. Dig the chuckle after he sings “everyone I love in the house will recline on an analyst’s couch quite soon.” ↩︎

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