The Return of The Wonder Years

I loved the original The Wonder Years series, which tracked almost perfectly with my age at the time it aired. The familiarity of the youth experience mixed with the historical perspective that was mostly new to me was a compelling combination.

The return of the show, set in the same time period, but featuring a black family, promises to bring back both of the elements that drew me in. The focus on the black experience will also bring a new dynamic that can be instructive, as well as entertaining.

The instantly likable protagonist, Dean, seeks to be a uniter in a very divided time, earning him the nickname "Black Jesus." It will be interesting to see Dean try to convince even his own family to be more open minded about others. At one point in the trailer, he argues with his mom, who just can't understand why he would even want to play baseball with white kids.

In addition to all of the interpersonal dynamics, there are sure to be plenty of bike riding scenes, allowing the viewer to experience the joy and freedom of life as a kid.


Robert Rackley @frostedechoes
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