“While the phrase “politically correct” seemingly exploded out of nowhere in the early nineties, it had actually been occasionally in use since at least the early twentieth century—and, as it happens, had almost always been used as a pejorative, regardless of who was employing it. Its earliest habitual use in American discourse goes back to the fifties and sixties, when American socialists would use it to disparage American communists—implying said communists were more committed to their ideological orthodoxies than to factual accuracy or moral clarity.”

~ Luke T. Harrington, in a piece for Christ and Pop Culture on the evolution of the concept of political correctness. In the early nineties, I remember my mom getting me a book called Once Upon A More Enlightened Time which simultaneously pointed out biases we might normally overlook in parts of fairy tales while also satirizing how the attempts to correct them could really miss the mark.

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