“One of my greatest frustrations in terms of trying to find ways to bridge this deep divide within the Christian community in the United States is the inability to have a theological discussion, because you can’t assume that people have actually articulated theological reasons for their beliefs.”

~ Rev. Dr. Serene Jones of Union Theological Seminary, in a piece on the resurgence of the religious left. When asked what issues are going to be important politically for the religious left, she mentioned Universal Basic Income and White Supremacy. I have seen the latter come up quite a bit, and our church has active programs around addressing the topic. I would also like to see the former come up more, given the experiments in this area have been successful and it fits in the mold of the Acts 2 church. Your church doesn’t have to be part of the Bruderhof community to recognize that the model of sharing that the earliest Christians presented can take a prominent place in how we view society.

Robert Rackley @rcrackley
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