The Apple of My Eye

The Apple New Music algorithm tries. It really does. At the end of every work week, it conjures up recommendations of recently released material that it thinks I would like. Sometimes, as was the case in early September, it finds a song from a band I’ve never heard of, that instantly becomes a new favorite of mine.

Most Friday’s, though, I end up skipping through a lot of tracks that feel like near misses. This Friday, the list didn’t include the new single from Hammock, one of my all time most listened to bands, but instead served up an interview with the Pixies. That was slightly baffling. The mix is usually a bit off, though. Some weeks, I’m given more sloppy, tossed off indie rock than is completely warranted. Others weeks, the mix is heavy on Eurotrash-inspired electronic. I do realize that coming up with brand new music that will fit my tastes every Friday is a tough job. Until I’m willing to give up my DNA to get a better playlist , which I don’t see happening anytime soon, this is probably as good as it gets. So I listen patiently and hope for that one gem to really catch my ear.

Music aside, Apple is putting me in a tough place this year. You see, I bought an iPad Pro earlier in the year. It was a good purchase, as it helped me to study for the AWS Solutions Architect Associate exam. However, if the rumors prove to be true, a new iPad Pro may be announced in a couple of weeks. It is being speculated that the new iPad would have an edge-to-edge screen and external display support. While the larger built-in screen size would be a nice to have, the support for an external display would be something of a game changer. This feature would put the dream of using an iPad as a main machine much closer. Now, if you could only do things like download songs from Bandcamp and add them to your music library from iOS…

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