IKEA Backs Out of A Deal

After literally working with town officials for years on a new site for a store, IKEA has just cancelled their plans to build a location in Cary NC. Since the town had been planning a lot of changes that hinge on the arrival of the new store, I’m sure those that had worked on the deal and all of the concessions that had to be obtained are seriously frustrated.

“When I asked whether there was anything Cary could do to influence IKEA’s decision, I was told that there was nothing; not even an incentive would make a difference,” Stegall said in his statement. “IKEA said they had an extremely positive view of and experience with the Town Council, our staff, the mall site, and Cary as a whole. The bottom line is that as wonderful a place as Cary is, we are just too suburban for IKEA’s new direction. "

I’m not sure how Cary is going to revitalize the old shopping mall that IKEA was going to essentially replace but I hope they have a contingency plan.

Robert Rackley @rcrackley
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