Seventeen Seconds of Frankie Rose

Today was one of those days. Down with a cold and unable to do much, I spent much of the day in bed and moping about the house. Then the mail came, and brought with it two new records from the Sounds Delicious series. I had been eagerly anticipating hearing Frankie Rose cover the Cure and almost immediately put it on the turntable.

Sick and feeling crummy today, but at least this LP of Frankie Rose covering the Cure arrived in the mail to cheer me up.

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The cover of Seventeen Seconds is glorious. Although Seventeen seconds has never been my favorite album by the Cure, I can appreciate the atmospherics and the Factory Records sound of the LP.  Rose doesn’t stray too far from the source material in her recording, which makes sense, given her love of the original.

Meanwhile, Rose said of the cover, “‘At Night’ is a favorite off of the original album. I tried to change as little as possible, giving it a only slightly more modern fidelity. How can you mess with the perfection of the original without destroying it? It’s my best offering.”

You can read more about the LP on the Sounds Delicious site here.

Hearing the cover of “A Forest” that was released a couple of months ago, and seeing Rose’s former band Beverly live at the Local 506 made me want to look deeper into her catalogue. I’m glad I did, because her most recent album (excepting Seventeen Seconds), Cage Tropical, is easily one my favorites to come out this year.

On Cage Tropical, you can hear the Cure influence on Rose’s original music, as well as a bit of the Cocteau Twins, but the songs are more than mere rehash. Rose uses not only her musical influences on the album, but bits of yet-to-be-created sci-fi worlds, as well. However, she always treats the songwriting with as much care as the atmosphere, and the album rewards the listener for her efforts. 

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